Surveys and voting

Surveys and voting

Your private communication app has the most complete surveys and voting tool integrated. Prepare your anonymous survey in a matter of seconds from your phone or from the Control Panel. Launch it with a single click and in the next few minutes you will get a report with the opinion of a significant percentage of your users that will help you in making decisions.

The votings with user identification are registered in the system and will allow you to take team decisions without having to wait for the next face-to-face meeting.

Each survey or voting has options that you can choose so that you can cover all situations.

  • Programming
    The survey will be sent at the selected time and day by using simple programming. You can also schedule a survey to be sent on the selected days of the week at the selected time, repeating the action between two selected dates.
  • Attached files
    Ask for the opinion of the users about images or documents.
  • With a weighted vote
    You can analyze the results of a voting on an automatic report which contains the number of votes for each option, the resulting percentage for each option and a list of the people who voted for each option. Useful in homeowners' associations and shareholders' meetings.
  • How to vote
    Select among the multiple ways of voting, for example, ask the users to give their rating from 1 to 5 stars, or to sort the options on a list according to their preference order (Condorcet method), enter their opinion with free text, etc.
  • Efficiency and precision
    Tagging groups allows you to perform send or program a survey to a set of groups that share a location or a characteristic. Tagging users enables you to send a survey to users who share a qualification or a need directly without beeping on the phones of the other users in the groups to which they belong. Target the survey to the people or groups that are concerned by using the tags.
  • Multiple answer
    A survey to be launched to several groups: it may require a single response from each user (even for those users who are in more than one of those groups) or it can be interesting to have an answer from the user from each group to which he/she belongs. For example, a city council's app that has one group available for each neighbourhood asks: 'what is the noise level in your neighborhood?' A citizen who lives in one neighborhood and works in another needs to be able to answer what corresponds in both of those groups in the app.
  • Multilingual
    Each user receives the survey in his/her preferred language. The system reports the results regardless of the language used.
  • Accessible results
    If you wish, users can automatically see the results of the survey after voting.

... in few minutes you'll get the opinion of your users

display of the results of the survey on the Control Panel
reporting of results the of the survey on an Excel file

Sequential surveys

They are chained questions where each question is determined by the user's response to the previous question.

The result is a tree of questions and answers with the best analytics for your KPIs, provided by Datosegur.

an example of a sequential survey run with Datosegur
display of the results of a sequential survey on the Control Panel